• Image of Crusade Supported Art (CSA) Share, Round 2

Become a shareholder of our second CSA and receive six original photographic works over the course of six months.

*What is a CSA?*

All over the country, Community Supported Art programs (CSAs) are popping up as a creative way to connect artists with collectors. Inspired by agricultural share programs (also called CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture), where shares of a local farm are purchased in exchange for regular deliveries of produce, the art version also offers deliveries of bounty to shareholders.

For the Crusade CSA, fifty shares are available to the public for $400 per share. Six totally amazing photographers have been commissioned to create an image for shareholders in an edition of 50. Every other month, shareholders will receive two original, signed photographs in the mail, totaling six images over the course of half a year.

Who are the six photographers?

Angela Bacon-Kidwell
Amy Friend
John Brinton Hogan
Ben Huff
Kurt Simonson
S. Gayle Stevens

To see examples of their work and read their bios, go to www.crusadeforart.org/csa.

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